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H.O.A / Condo. Associations

As experienced H.O.A/Condo. Association managers we have a wide range of strategic solutions to help your community thrive.

Commercial Property

Our goal is to ensure that property owner(s) benefit from the maximum return possible on their investment(s) and retain that value long term.

Single Homes

From advertising, to screening, to leasing, collecting, and even property maintenance, we offer both leasing or full management of your rental property.

About A Solid Property Management Group, Inc.

A Solid Property Management Group

A Solid Property Management Group, Inc. has been proudly serving the Greater Miami area for 7 years, however we operate with more than 15 years of experience in Miami property management. Our company is a fully licensed and insured, multifaceted, full service management company that prides itself in being qualified to handle all the aspects of property management. We are here to provide our clients peace of mind and do the heavy lifting so you can get back to what matters.

The ASPMG Advantage

There are many Miami property management companies, but what distinguishes us from the competition is our tenacity to ensure that your property/community thrives! We make sure the tasks at hand are done ethically and correctly. We conduct business openly and honestly, take pride in every project, and deliver on what we promise.

Our Golden Rule:
“Each unit owner/property owner is the most important client and their interests/needs are our own.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do business with us?
Property management may seem simple at first glance, but when you factor in compliance, maintenance, legalties, accounting, budgeting, financing, screening, vendors, tenant client relations, security, communications, meetings, and everything in between, it can start getting very complex quickly. With ASPMG in your corner you will have a dedicated team of professionals who will work to meet your goals offering you personalized service peace of mind and at competitive market rates.

What do you do best?                                                 We’ve developed a very effective style of management that has allowed us to build and retain lasting relationships with our clients. This progressive style and dedication to improving the means by which we do business, is what sets us apart from the competition.


Do you offer online services?

From payment and status portals, to online applications, and even condo websites, our team has got you covered with the latest and greatest.

How will I get status updates about my property?

We provide you with a Management Report which includes a summary of your building’s financial, legal and physical status, as well as an update on the progress of current projects.

We keep you in the loop on your preffered line of communication- email, text, phone calls, or online portals.

What's the cost?

We take pride in keeping are prices afforable. With a quick phone call we can gauge your needs and build a robust proposal for your managment needs. We can talk about options and tailor our services to your budget. Often when our clients make the switch they immediately start seeing results just because of our competitive prices.

What does a property management company do?

Well that is a loaded question! Check out the relevant page that matches your specfic area of business. To give you the short and sweet answer:

We provide marketing and leasing services, an array of financial services, plan major and minor repair/upgrades/projects, handle day to day operations, emergency services, inspection and maintenance plans and handle any and all property concerns of owners/boardmemebers/tenants.

I've heard of XYZ company on the news lately...

At ASPMG we value honest, ethical and transparent service above all. Regardless of bad practices from any company, we are focused on doing the right things both for our clients and internally. Due to our transparent and dedicated business values we have maintained long standing good relations with our clients.

Testimonials From Our Clients

ASPMG has provided nothing but excellent service for the three years. They have managed several of my units. Being in the Real Estate industry I deal with 10+ associations a year and few are as attentive and diligent. I highly recommend their services.

Nick Cachaldora

Board Member

This is a very reliable management company. They work very hard in our association, looking for smart solutions to our problems. Thanks to this company, the financials in our community have improved 200%. I recommend this management company for anyone who wants to have a peaceful community, smart solutions to emergencies and also you want to increase the value of your property.

Massiel Ortega

Board Member

A Solid Property Management has been working for my association for 4 and a half years and we have had a great experience with them. We have had no increase in maintenance costs and in their time with us we have accomplished to redo our roofing, get our 40 years re-certification without extra cost and we also recently repainted our community without a need for a special assessment; thanks to careful financial planning. These are all only some of the feats we have accomplished but I speak on behalf of myself and the community of Flagler Suites that we are grateful to ASPMG for all of their hard work and for their honesty and transparency.

Ramiro Gomez

Board Member

I absolutely love this management group!! In this crazy condo world you need people who care and are willing to go the extra mile. They walk the property almost on a daily basis making sure that the maintenance staff is taking care of the daily work orders. They stay late problem solving… they really do all the leg work between inspections and county visits. Through their experience, they offer suggestions that better our community. If we call with a complaint, it’s noted and usually within 24 hours they have some kind of resolution. These ladies have turned our community around… they offer solutions to our problems and their honesty is undeniable! They are organized and diligent, you won’t be disappointed!

Nilsa Bravo

Board Member

Let's Get In Touch

  • Is your community lost within a giant management company?
  • Do your common areas need attention in the little details that make a big difference?
  • Do you need a management that will do effective supervision in your property?
  • Do you need a management company that brings new projects in order to increase the value of your property?
  • Are your maintenance employees not working to their full potential due to lack of guidance?

At ASPMG, we are dedicated to providing excellent, affordable service and we will go the extra mile to help your community thrive. To us you’re not “just another client.” We are here to provide personable customized service. With ASPMG you will have a dedicated team of professionals that offer you peace of mind and will achieve your property goals. Let’s get the ball rolling and you will see our value added service at our affordable rates will really make the difference in your property and/or community.

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