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A Full Service Property Management Company.


A Solid Property Management Group, Inc. has proudly been serving the Greater Miami area for 7+ years and counting.

A Solid Property Management Group, Inc.

With over 15 years of experience in property management and a versatile team covering areas in management, accounting, communications, finances, inspections, and maintenance, ASPMG can proudly say we have the tools and team to help your community/property thrive. As a full service management company, we can handle as much or as little as a client request and we are well-versed in Commercial Property Management,
Condominium/H.O.A Management, and Single Home Management.

If you feel like your property is lost with XYZ company that isn’t taking the care and time to manage your property the right way, ASPMG is the solution. 

What sets us apart is the specialized attention you will receive with ASPMG. We will make a plan to reach your goals and not give you a “standard service package”. When you give us a call or send an email we will answer promptly. We will deliver results and exceed your expectation and you can have peace of mind that your property’s finances and overall management are being handled by an experienced group of professionals.

Customer Retention


This company arrived at my association and helped us collect almost $60,000.00 in accounts receivables, as well as closed more than 10 pending violations with Miami-Dade County, some of which were from over 15 years ago.

Thanks to their guidance, our association was able to paint our buildings without needing a Special Assessment to cover the expenses, and we were able to fix the roofs successfully. They’ve been of great value to our association and therefore I recommend them to any associations that needs a management company that works toward the improvement of the community.

Since begining our business, we built our company around the ideals of transparent and honest business. We are very proud that we have kept ongoing business with our clients and believe it was one of the best indicators of excellent service.  


We attribute our continued relations due to our tenacious efforts to better your property and our affordable rates.

The secret of our success?

Our Team + Service

Our Team

<p “=””>Below you will find out the details about our first-rate services. Plus, we have brought to the industry something it lacked, which is tenacious and dedicated effort, ethics, honesty and a strong value placed upon relationships. We are a team and with us in your corner you will have a group of professionals who will put in the extra mile to see your property goals fulfilled. We pick up on things others don’t because of our meticulous efforts, excellent organization, and persistent work ethic. With ASPMG you will have a company to manage all day-to-day operations, detect problems early-on before a major repair becomes necessary, lower your property expenses, increase and optimize collections, improve your property’s appearance and maintain long-term value and make sure everything is compliant with city and state ordinances. We strive to give you peace of mind.


Whether you’re a property owner, vendor, client, potential client, board member etc. we believe in an honest and straight forward business policy. We believe that conducting business in an open manner will always lead to the best result, always protecting our clients and respecting their privacy.


Adapting to the latest and greatest or keeping it old fashioned, we can tailor our technology services to meet your demands and budget.


We have proven time and time again to our clients that no other company will fight for them as we do. As we all know, getting things done takes consistency and often times in order to move things forward you need a constant push. We are here to make that happen.

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