Association Property Management

We have fully trained and Licensed Community Association Managers (L.C.A.M.) who manage your daily operations and long-term projects. With ASPMG your community will thrive. 

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The ASPMG Difference in Your Community

At ASPMG we strive to meet your community/association’s needs and we deliver. We provide responsive customer care service, efficient accounting, effective financial management and can really turn your community around for the better.

ASPMG delivers the utmost professional and affordable cost-effective property management available. With your goals in mind, our property management team will develop a strategic plan to better common areas, make effective repairs, cut costs and plan for big projects all while effectively handling daily operations. ASPMG will put into action said customized plan to ensure long-term increased property value for owners, deliver excellent service, refine management of finances and handle all community proceedings meetings, elections, budgets, guard services, maintenance teams, violations, parking, technology portals, etc. To achieve this requires an experienced team of professionals with a tenacious dedication to exceptional service. Send us a message and let’s get the conversation going.

Our Five Point Approach to
Miami HOA | Assocation Property Management


At ASPMG, our staff understands the importance of maintaining regular communication with all of our clients so that they are never surprised by what is happening with their properties. We maintain and operate a private account for each of our clients so that you can be regularly in touch with our staff and stay updated on inspections, vacancies, marketing, financial reports, notices, maintenance, and projects.

Phone calls are answered by our bilingual employees, instead of voicemails. We work hard in order to enrich your property; allowing you to attend to your personal matters. This is possible due to our 24 hours a day professional service, at your disposal to handle any emergency that might arise.


Upholding a building’s physical requirements and improving its appeal requires management of a variety of staff/vendors, from contractors and engineers to janitorial and landscaping, etc. After our property inspections, we put into action a customized plan for the maintenance staff and or vendors to directly tackle the specific areas that need special attention within your property. In this manner, we are providing a cost-effective tool to ensure your property is safe and functioning correctly; while improving the appearance of your property.

We will customize your maintenance plan to fit your goals and budget, supervise vendors and assist in the bid/selection process, create timelines and deadlines , send extensive notice of repairs to tenants, and we have a 24 hours a day service at your disposal to handle any emergency repairs that may arise.


As you manage your properties with ASPMG, the data we capture along the way, such as information associated with costs and revenues, can then be used to measure actual performance against those projected. This will allow you to easily see the true picture of costs, and how effectively your community dues are being used, while providing information that can help increase the accuracy of assumptions that lead to making better decisions.

ASPMG offers extensive support for a wide variety of financial activities, such as annual CAM reconciliation, accounts receivable and accounts payable management, monthly financial statements, cost control recommendations, annual budget preparation and reporting.



We regularly inspect properties and thoroughly document the process in order detect problems early on and advise owners before a major repair is necesary. This is  one of the best ways to maintain and increase the value of your property. We can also make sure community members are adhering to city/municipality ordinances and bylaws. Suggestions will be made in order to keep all properties compliant.

Our experience allows us to know which key areas to look for during inspections.  This stragety helps us prepare annual budgets and preventive maintenance plans. Our timely inspections have led to huge savings on otherwise costly repairs and in some cases helped lowered building and property insurance.


At ASPMG we understand the importance of technology. That is why we have rolled out a new set of affordable services to our clients including online accounts, payment portals, electronic forms, website construction and electronic communications. We have also worked with vendors that are able to provide technology in areas such as front gate security, security cameras, alarms systems, networking, etc.

We are also always improving our software and systems internally and thinking about your security. Note our website has SSL encryption- a security must-have that most property management companies overlook.

Our Most Popular Services

  • Accounts Receivable & Special Assessment Collection
    • Affordable and easy payments through any of the following options:
    • Association Website, Online Payments, Lockbox, ACH auto debits, or simply mailing in their payment to our office
    • We provide collection of delinquent account via monthly late notices and can setup payment plans with these accounts.
    •  Work closely with assocation attorney in the collection efforts of delinquent accounts
  • Accounts Payable
    • Online, In Person, and special bank portals are available for efficient payments to vendors.
  • Financial Reporting
    • We know how important it is to have a clear picture of finical status and we make it easy for the board of directors to have accurate and timely financial reporting so they can make informed strategic decisions.
  • Financial Management
    • The daily management of association funds is as equally important as paying your bills on time to avoid overdrafts and bank fees. We will always check with board members for approvals, stick to the budget and make sure things run smoothly so vendors, contractors, services and employees can all be paid efficiently.
  • Annual and Special Project(s) Preparation
    • Annual budgets are prepared and reviewed with the board of directors and management way in advance of the budget meeting. We work to cut costs and have the most accurate predictions possible. We pride ourselves in our spreadsheets!


  • Property Inspections
    • We conduct regular inspections of all common area carried out by our Licensed Community Association Managers to ensure the property meets our high standards of cleaning and maintenance.
    • During inspections, we also look for items of potential liabilities to the Association and act accordingly and can identify areas that need repair before they become a costly headache keep the association safe and saving money.
  • Maintenance
    • We take care of daily maintenance by supervising maintenance staff and vendors. We coordinate all annual inspections of fire alarm systems, elevator(s), generators, etc. to make sure everything is safe and compliant.
  • Florida Statutes
    • We keep the board of directors informed to stay current with state laws and any law changes in Florida.
  • Meetings
    • We attend and coordinate all board/general community meetings to make sure all owners are informed of what is going on and can ask questions. We take care of all the details so our board members can focus on their most important role of directing and making decisions.
  • Implementation and Enforcement of Board Policies
    • Relieve the board of directors from the responsibilities of the day-to-day operation and administration of the Association.
    • We enforce the Association rules and regulations by implementation and issuance of violations and fines through established fine committees.
    • We monitor violations by owners and communicate with them until the matter(s) is fully resolved.
  • Bid Solicitation, Vendor Selection and Negotiation
    • We assist the board of directors with any bid solicitation process and proposal requests from vendors. All bids and proposals are submitted to the board for approval before work is commenced. We also supervise and monitor vendors to ensure quality of work and that the work is completed per the scope of work provided.
  • Efficient Record Keeping
    • Many companies pass on a premium to their clients claiming they use premium “cloud technologies.” We manage our records securely in-house and can offer you the benefit of online portals.


  • Building Maintenance
    • Our building and common area regularly scheduled maintenance program includes such services as carpet and tile floor cleaning and polishing, painting, pressure cleaning, and irrigation repairs. We ensure that all Association equipment is kept in excellent and working condition.
  • Janitorial
    • We provide janitorial and grounds keeping services and supervision that make your community look its best at all times. Our staff regularly cleans all common area facilities such as clubhouses, recreational areas, hallways, lobbies, laundry rooms, meeting rooms, bathrooms etc.
  • Landscaping
    We work with professional landscaping companies and architects to assure your community’s satisfaction. This includes the following:

    • Landscape design strategy
    • Landscape budgeting and financial planning
    • Landscape regular maintenance programs including plant disease prevention
    • Knowledge of local, city, county, and state requirements and permits
  • Association Website, Newsletters and Surveys:
    • We treat all our residents with respect and professionalism and we feel that their input is valuable to our level of service. We believe in transparency and communication with our residents and owners. With this end in mind we can provide association websites where owners can have access to their accounts 24/7 as well as access to association records such as financials and meeting minutes.

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  • Do you need affordable cost effective management?
  • Is your community lost within a giant management company?
  • Do your common areas need attention in the little details that make a big difference?
  • Do you need a management company that will do effective supervision in your property?
  • Do you need a management that brings new projects in order to increase the value of your property?
  • Are your maintenance employees not working to their full potential due to lack of guidance?

At ASPMG, we are dedicated to providing excellent, affordable service and we will go the extra mile to help your community thrive. To us you’re not “just another client.” We are here to provide personable customized service. With ASPMG you will have a dedicated team of professionals that offer you peace of mind and will achieve your property goals . Let’s get the ball rolling and you will see our value added service at our affordable rates will really make the difference in your property and/or community.

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